A counterpoint to our disembodied age, abandoned since the last century to the dogma of the virtual, arts and crafts now seem like a luxury. Screen printing, one of the most ancient techniques that may once have appeared outdated, now shows itself to be more resolutely innovative and contemporary than ever.

Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli

The elegance of the printed product comes from this ability which, beyond the simple mastery of the technique, invites skill and calls upon the mind to open up once and for all to both what is real and what is imaginary.

Research in the fields of paper and use of colour has become a source of ideas and, by the same token, of differentiation.

Lorenz Boegli

Creating difference thanks to the uniqueness of screen printing, printing on demand rather than producing countless images and decorations on an assembly line. And just as you can’t put a price on an artwork, there are no limits to the finesse and virtuosity of a screen print!

The magic of an image is conveyed, of course, through the manual application of the colour, as is the human sensibility, which can reach the sublime through art, allowing us to touch the artwork as much with our hearts as with our eyes.

Lorenz Boegli
  • relief matt or shine
  • maximum colour saturation in opacity and transparency
Lorenz Boegli

It is true that, when the head and hands meet, the creativity that emphasises and expands what is artistic sometimes achieves ultimate beauty, something that takes us through to the other side of the design!.

Logo recommended by Homo Faber Guide Recommended by the Michelangelo Foundation for the most prestigious artisans in Europe
Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli

de la main

Colour against colour.
Hand in the eyes, humankind seeks perfection.
One click, one spur, they’re not enough to shape the World,
digital tech makes no detours,
and force us, that’s for sure, to take the shortest way.
Once upon a time there was beauty,
and it is thanks to knowledge and gesture that it’s transmitted, transformed…
Throughout time, beauty sows little pieces of eternity.
That’s all,
that’s us !

Jean-Marc Dimanche

Format: 70 x 100 cm
Paper: Tintoretto Ceylon Cubeba 350 g/m2 from Fedrigoni
Colours: Solar gold, fluo pink and IKB blue

Filme: click’it, Seon
Photography: Rob Lewis
Design: Dani Rolli

Price: CHF 50.–
(incl. shipping costs in Switzerland.)

Available from end 23