Colour touches our soul. It reaches our heart.

Lorenz Boegli

Pushing the boundaries of perception, we were the first and only printer capable of creating prints with the original Yves Klein Blue (IKB).

Confusing the senses, sight takes on another dimension; the eye perceives the very matter of colour, the tangible and unfathomable. A new and transcendental experience appears to us, going beyond the image and challenging the living.

Lorenz Boegli

Colour as an ambassador of quality.

Sometimes all you need is to look closely at a mysterious print to notice how the colourwork fills it with emotions, nourishing it with a real depth capable of surprising us and taking our breath away. The power of inks and pigments lies in the dosage and balance, and in their subtle use, which sets the viewer off on new visual journeys into the vast expanses of their imagination.

Lorenz Boegli

Playing with metallic reflections and iridescence, using pure silver or pigments from the cosmetics industry, working with opaques and transparencies, contrasting matt and shine, pushing halftones to better render the sensitivity of certain images...

Our experience and expertise mean we can even go so far as to use pure and saturated hues on a dark background, without the use of white.

Fluorescence that is also opaque
Phosphorescence at 48 L/cm
All natural
Intense colours
HiFi-colours and print management

Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli


Deep Blue.
Hard emotion.
Colour’s almost solid, eruptive, disruptive, luscious,
a world in itself which is overrunning us and piceous.
Bleu d’Outremer’s horizonless,
and goes beyond us regardless.
Matt impact !
Only Nature decides what we perceive,
we shall just pay attention.
Of gladly chromy and emotion,
let us make high-resolution and Revolution.

Jean-Marc Dimanche

Format: 70 x 100 cm
Paper: Algro Design 220 g/m2 from Fischer Papier
Colours: 4-colour with original pigment IKB
Films: click’it, Seon
Photography: Rob Lewis
Design: Dani Rolli

Price: CHF 50.–
(incl. shipping costs in Switzerland.)