When you print red over green over blue to get white, you could be forgiven for thinking magic was somehow involved!
Or more simply alchemy, an alchemy of inks, which, to our delight, blend together and mix printing and creativity.

Lorenz Boegli

Our first international patent N°10508208 explains how we invented RGB printing.

Our studio was the first in the 1990s to begin exploring and using iridescent pigments, a way of enhancing images and immersing the viewer in them. One colour can hide another, or sometimes reveal it.
There is mystery in printing just as there is in any art form.

In 2013, we succeeded in using these pigments to invent an additive printing technique – patented with Merck Darmstadt – which now allows us to reproduce a photograph by enriching it with coloured reflections that change according to the light, time or mood of the day

Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli

A physical phenomenon:
reproducing a photograph with coloured light reflections.

The systems of solvent-based and UV-curable inks used come together to produce incomparable printing results. The lack of a standardisation in screen printing gives us the chance to play with all the available parameters and create a type of printing that is both new and creative.

We screen print up to a maximum format of 70 x 100cm in runs from 1 to 100,000 sheets.

Our greatest quality lies in manufacturing our own forms of printing. This allows us to combine two complementary parameters: “coarse fabric for pigments and opacity” with “the finest drawing”.

Lorenz Boegli

The separation of the image files is an integral part of printing effects, which we produce and manage using an RGB file.

The print fineness goes up to 60L/cm and for art productions in FM halftone screen up to 20 MY.

Forty years of in-depth knowledge of screen printing means we can experiment and innovate freely, as well as pushing the boundaries of printing..

Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli

Thanks to our expertise in graphics, printing products can be made by combining a variety of techniques: offset-screen printing-embossing-laser cutting-folding techniques-hand binding, etc.

Finally, because when it comes to creating, sharing is also innovating. We are keen to forge industrial partnerships to pass on our effects to fields such as the automotive industry, labelling, packaging, electronics, etc., as well as other printing methods.

RGB printing, patented in partnership with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli
Lorenz Boegli

N° 105088208

Il est des alchimies qui transforment la vie…
ou peut-être davantage la vision que l'on peut en donner à voir !
Ici la couleur, devrait-on dire les couleurs
puisqu'il s'agit d'un rouge, d'un vert, et d'un bleu,
mutent comme par magie en un blanc divin, aussi liquide que transparent.
Jeu de superpositions, phénomène d'iridescence, reflets de lumière colorés,
cette nouvelle technique d'impression additive mise au point et en pratique depuis bientôt dix ans, nous plonge dans une nouvelle dimension des images.

Jean-Marc Dimanche

Films: click’it, Seon
Photography: Rob Lewis
Design: Dani Rolli

Format: 70 x 100 cm
Paper: Plike black 140 g/m2 from Cordenons
Colours: additive 4-colour print red/green/blue/white

Price: CHF 50.–
(incl. shipping costs in Switzerland.)